Welcome to our dear guests and their beloved puppies!

We invite you to observe these tiny behavioral rules:

Never leave your dog alone in the hotel while you’re out of the structure.
If you bring your dog in public areas, the owner must take care to keep it on a leash and let him maintain an appropriate behavior.
Please keep always your vaccination booklet and the insurance policy with you.
We trust in the common sense to not demage the decorum of the hotel (keep clean, do not leave food open, safeguard bedspreads and decor of the room).
You will find a welcome-kit including a cover sheet, bowl and under-bowl-towel. These objects belong to the hotel, each lack will be charged.
We thank you for your attention, trusting in a positive feedback.
Have a nice Holiday!

Regulation of Hotel Gambrinus on the lit of the dogs

It is not meant to be a series of limitations, but a simple guide in order that all users of hotels and their dogs can live together in the best way possible, ensuring a pleasant stay for all.


The rules shown below is intended as a supplement to that municipality.

1) is allowed access to dogs of any size or breed, if identified with microchip or tattooed; all dogs must be up to date with vaccinations that should be demonstrated with the prescribed veterinary certificates (passport, health card or 12 model).
2) each owner must carry insurance for your dog.
3) is not allowed to have access in any way to the aggressive nature of dogs regardless of breed or size.
4) we recommend that the owners, for the sake of people and their pets, to subject them to periodic vaccination against major infectious disease (distemper, leptospirosis and parvo), prophylaxis against major parasitic diseases.
5) dogs inside the Hotel Gambrinus will be kept on a leash.
6) the direction has the right to allow or not the access to some dogs if deemed unsuitable to live together with others.
7) the tour leader must take care that your dog cannot reach patients vicini and must place a bowl with water always present and easily accessible, providing a continuous and adequate shade.
8) each visitor with dog in tow must arrive at the Hotel equipped with the required bags to remove the animal’s droppings. What now the possessed must go immediately by the staff and buy enough.
9) it is mandatory to collect solid waste of their dogs in any area of the municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro and even more markedly in the area of Hotel Gambrinus, they must be removed and deposited in the appropriate waste container. While the liquid manure should be rinsed with plenty of water. Violators will be immediately fined in accordance with the regulations.
10) Collect the droppings for your dog is required.
11) The attendant must avoid prolonged and barks excessively bright behaviors for your dog.
12) it is strongly forbidden to access the hotel with dogs in heat.
13) The management declines all responsibility for any aggressive behavior in animals.
14) Each umbrella cannot be occupied by more than 3 people and 2 dogs.
15) dogs must never be left unattended and free to roam; responsibility (civil and criminal) for damage caused by the animal’s owner. Our internal staff will ensure compliance with the rules.
16) any size has the dog should be kept on a leash.
17) you can’t run or play in communal areas of the hotel, to avoid disturbing and shake the dogs.


1) is required to make diligent use of equipment and not damage them.
2) any damage caused to the equipment and furnishings owned by Hotel Gambrinus and third parties will be adequately compensated by those who caused it.
3) the furniture should remain where they were placed.