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Hotel Gambrinus Lignano Sabbiadoro

Doggy Beach Lignano Sabbiadoro

Doggy beach

The Doggy Beach is the first beach resort highly equipped to welcome our beloved puppies, and their inseparable care takers… It is a structure designed for those who want to spend the holiday with their family, children and pets, to fully enjoy the vacation without having to give up the sea and the company of your trusted friend.

It is located in Lignano Sabbiadoro in via Lungomare Marin near the beach office No. 1, and the idea was originated by a deep love for the animal world: it embodies a dream and a need shared by several people who loves the beach ... and who until now had to leave their dogs at home, or rather in a hotel room!!

In 8 km of shoreline, the Doggy Beach is the only beach establishment where dogs and their care takers can access to the beach and to the sea area in front of it. The resort is situated in a unique context of Lignano Sabbiadoro’s beach, as the adjacent street is reserved only to pedestrians and bicycles.

Doggy Beach area is completely bordered and allows its users to safely use the different structures that compose it, first of all the personal beach spaces equipped with beach umbrellas, beach beds and, if wished, dog’s bed, as well as cabins, toilets, showers, dining area, corner shop: everything you need to enjoy a full day or an entire holiday by the sea ...!!!

Available the following services:

- No. 100 personal areas equipped with beach umbrella, 2 sunbeds with sunshield and dog’s bet (optional).
- No. 12 Dog-vip areas: a nice wooden fence sized 4,00 m x 3,20 m, equipped with beach umbrella, 2 sunbeds with sunshield, dog’s bet (optional) in which your dog can stay free without the leash.
- Office, toilets and dressing rooms are all accessible to disables peoples.
The walkways have a minimum width of 1.50 meters to ensure easy access to the sea.
- Kiosk-snack bar, where you can have a rest with your dog to enjoy a pleasant drink or one of our dishes with a special sea view.
- Separated toilet.
- Dressing rooms.
- Free showers (hot showers upon request of tokens).
- Free showers specifically designed for dogs.
- Sea area delimited in order to ensure dogs secure access to the sea.
- Corner shop dedicated to dogs, where you will find whatever you need to spend the day at the seaside with your friend as leashes, bowls, toys, and our merchandising signed Doggy Beach.
- Self-service grooming space, designed to help you wash your beloved dog who, after spending the whole day on the beach will go back home, at the hotel room or apartment with maximum hygiene, clean dry and free of sand.
- Veterinary service for all pathologies that may arise during the stay.
- Presence of a highly skilled dog trainer with a rich entertainment program in order to inspire and delight at best you and your animals at the Doggy Beach.
- Agility dog area where dogs can run free ...
- A lot of love from all the staff!!

Free shuttle to and from the Doggy Beach.

For those who wish to take advantage of the agreements with the Doggy Beach, the Gambrinus Hotel disposes for his guests a useful free shuttle.
The bus service will observe regular departures from the hotel to the Doggy Beach but at the same time will be available to meet the personal needs of customers.